Eddie Huang And Andrew Zimmern Get Nominated For Webbys!

Today, the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS) announced their nominees for the 2013 Webby Awards, honoring the greatest of The Internet, and check it: some of your favorite food personalities made it in there with Lena Dunham and the Guggenheim!

Andrew Zimmern and his team at Food Works (including pal Molly Mogren) were nominated in the Food and Drink category for, competing against Real Publications like Condé Nast’s and ABC’s The Chew. 

But America’s favorite human panda Eddie Huang got nominated for Best Web Personality/Host for his work on VICE’s Fresh Off The Boat series, as a judges’ choice AND over on the populist end of the Webbys (a.k.a. the equally important People’s Choice Awards). Fans can vote for Huang to beat the snot out of Chris Hardwick’s All Star Celebrity Bowling, or Mike Rugnetta’s PBS Ideas Channel, if they’re so inclined, by signing up here. (Huang’s Instagram reveals that he’s currently got 60% of the vote, but that might change if the PBS Army begins rallying.)

The winners will be announced in a live-stream broadcast (duh) on May 22nd, with details to follow. In the meantime, a Webbys tradition stipulates that any winners must give only five-word speeches. We welcome any suggestions for our chef-nominees.

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