WATCH: Eddie Huang’s TED Talk At Big Omaha 2012

If you, like us, think Eddie Huang is a G but don’t know much about him other than that his Twitter rocks, he blogs hilarious Girls recaps, and his fried chicken baos single-handedly kept you from passing out at Great GoogaMooga when there was no other food to be found, you should take the next few minutes to listen to his TED Talk and allow your appreciation to blossom like the delicate orchid that it is.

From dishing about how his business savvy began as a tender schoolboy when his cheap Asian parents refused to buy him toys, to running a sneaker and t-shirt company out of his 400 square foot New York City studio apartment under the name Bergdorf Hoodman, to the real reason he went to law school (which had nothing to do with Asian parents and everything to do with the fact that he was on felony probation and wanted people to know he was legit despite his lengthy arrest record), Huang offered a fascinating glimpse into his life as a businessman at Big Omaha, a conference on innovation and entrepreneurship. And, while he was in town, Eddie scolded the denizens of Nebraska for failing to serve sustainable steak when the majority of prime beef is raised in their backyards. Because he’s Eddie Huang. And he’s not gonna let that shit slide.

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