Eddie Huang’s ‘Bonnaroo Pop-Up’ Involves Chucking Baos Off The Back Of A Pickup Truck

How to improve upon The Great GoogaMooga? Do away with lines, order, balance, and give into the chaos. That’s the plan for Eddie Huang‘s BaoHaus “Pop-Up Truck” at Bonnaroo this weekend. We mistakenly assumed he’d simply fall in line with the rest of the food trucks rounded up for the music festival, only with some sort of movement. Well, that “movement” involves driving around the Manchester, TN farm grounds on which the festival is held in a flat-bed truck throwing baos out to the hungry masses. FO’ FREE. No superfluous ticketing system required.

“We’re [cooking] at the Holiday Inn and then bringing it over. That will be funny,” he told Esquire Magazine, who also inquired as to why Eddie thinks his baos were chosen to be trucked in all the way from New York

“I think we make the best bao in America,” he replied. “I’m not afraid to say that. I go to a lot of cities, a lot of restaurants. I see them trying to replicate Baohaus. It doesn’t offend. Because I eat it, and it’s not even close. I know we make the best bao.”

Consider yourselves burned, Wow Bao. Midwestern buns have failed the Wildlings.

[Essence Magazine]

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