Eddie Huang Carries On Time-Honored Jewish Tradition Of Celebrating Christmas With Chinese Food

On the night before Christmas, Eddie Huang will take over Jezebel, a kosher restaurant in Soho, and serve a prix-fixe, six-course Chinese menu — completely kasher. (This isn’t the first time Huang’s built something beautiful out of the union of Chinese and Judaism.)

Of course, the conceit here is that Jews eat Chinese food during Christmas, since they’re the only restaurants open on Christmas. While this is a well-documented phenomenon, Huang’s possibly the first Chinaman to fully embrace the Jews on Christmas Eve. (The official Chinese Restaurant Association of the United States, in the meantime, still doesn’t quite get it.)

And in the true Chinese/Jewish spirit, the event will also celebrate the third anniversary of Baohaus, because why would you want to throw two parties if they’re that close together?  Ai ya! It would be mishegas.

As a chaser, here is a video of Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan explaining this tradition to a room full of old WASP Senators during her confirmation hearing.

[The Pop Chef]

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