Eddie Huang Launches Clothing Line Named After Porn Star

So apparently today is Huangday (see here for an explanation of celebrity days), because not only did Eddie Huang launch the trailer for his new season of Fresh Off The Boat, he’s also working on a clothing line.

Four Pins announced that he would soon launch a clothing line called Monica Monroe by Eddie Huang, pointing out that this is also the name of this porn star, who WHOA DEAR LORD THOSE ARE SOME GEOMETRICALLY AESTHETIC BREASTS. But apart from porn stars (with whom Eddie has a near-academic level of fascination), the line gets previewed in the trailer for the webseries, and looks like this:

The clothing itself is probably best described as 1980’s drug dealer cozy, featuring an entire range of matching, all over print hoodies, sweatpants, sweat shorts, T-shirts, jerseys and the like. If you’ve been dying for tiger stripe lounge wear, then your life just got awesome.

One: we want that tiger suit. Seriously. All we want to do with it is put it on, run around drunk, and pretend to be disgraced former congressman David Wu/take the tiger mom thing to its logical conclusion.

And two: this sure beats buying a plain white “hip hop” v-neck for $120.

[Four Pins]

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