WATCH: Eddie Huang Would Rather Talk to Agenda-less Young Muslims, Here’s Why

We’ll forgive VICE an apparent video switcheroo, since they dutifully kept us hooked up with our weekly Fresh Off the Boat fix, in spite of the Christmas holiday. The installment we gave you last week was evidently Part 2 of the London episode, which went up before this week’s Part 1. Down is up and up is down, but the point is, Eddie Huang hit the streets of London’s Brick Lane neighborhood to explore The UK’s deeply ingrained Islamaphobia and general racism. Turns out older scholars/journalists have an uber-theorized POV to which Eddie prefers the realness of younger Muslims, without an agenda, eager to share their personal stories.

Imagine that.

But seriously, the old dudes get real weird in this one. Check out London Part Whatever We’ve Lost Track below.

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