FEUD: Eddie Huang Calls Hugh Acheson A ‘Corny Ass B***h’, Both Tear Each Other Apart On Twitter

We woke up this morning to find this devastation sitting in our Twitters, with not much in the way of context. From what we can tell, tech entrepreneur Alex Bresler suggested that Eddie Huang and Hugh Acheson play a one-on-one charity basketball match. And then the two chefs (or, as Acheson would prefer to call it, one chef and one “sandwich boss” duked it out in 140 characters (and sometimes less.)

Apparently there’s a longtime feud — perhaps rooted in intellectual or philosophical differences — between the two sharp-witted chefs, and maybe they want to punch each other in the face. But as Acheson assured CNN’s Kat Kinsman, their feud really just consists of “two morons battling on the field.”

Who wins? We’re not taking sides, but we’d probably go with…the people watching this unfold on Twitter late last night.

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