Eddie Huang Gets ‘Chang’-ed in Boston Visit Write-Up

In spite of the fact that we’re encouraging non-New York food cities to be confident in themselves, and this Zagat write-up is perfectly aglow with speculation that Eddie Huang could open a Baohaus in Boston, followed by excitement that he was in town hanging out with John Travolta, “Chang”-ing your friendly visiting panda is probably in poor taste.

In an otherwise properly reported piece on Eddie’s recent trip to Boston, Zagat writes of the Red Sox game he caught,

“Also joining Chang’s game-day crew was Big Night Entertainment Group kingpin Ed Kane, who certainly knows a thing or two about running high-profile restaurants; BNEG’s Empire Restaurant and Lounge, GEM and Red Lantern (which just opened a branch at Foxwoods Casino) have been some of Boston’s biggest openings in recent years, and Huang appeared at Empire earlier this year as part of a high-profile chef series.”

Ooh, YA GOT CHANG-ED, B. Hanging out with John Travolta probably makes up for it though. At least he’s in good company.

UPDATE: Happy news! The post has been corrected. Now we can focus on what’s truly important: John Travolta and Eddie Huang’s blossoming bromance.

[Zagat h/t Francis Lam]

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