Eddie Huang Gets Mad About Megan Lochte, Promptly Loses Followers

Remember how Ryan Lochte’s sister Megan Lochte did some pretty bad Chinaman impersonations that one time in 2008? Critics hailed her performance as the second coming of Mickey Rooney, until she quickly began saying the word “chink” five times in the span of two minutes, because “it, like, fits them, because they’re like, chinks!”

Self-appointed Guardian Of The Race Eddie Huang was justifiably furious over her comments, along with the rest of the world. But in a rare moment, words failed him, because this was a case of prima facie racism committed by an idiot:

This doesn’t require a long post. It’s very simple: this is entirely unacceptable. Take any other racial group in America… Would we tolerate someone going on TV yelling racial epithets about any other group?… Who are the assholes in the crowd that laughed? As Americans, we should be ASHAMED if we don’t hold every one associated with this accountable.

The great irony about the entire situation, though? Huang lost Twitter followers over his indignation over Lochte. We present that information without any sort of snark or judgement. Okay, maybe just one really big exasperated sigh.

A few days ago, Lochte apologized, claiming that she was on a fake talk show acting as “a character” who was “supposed to be making fun of ignorance.” Unless you’re on The Daily Show, or your name is Michael Scott, Stephen Colbert, or David Brent …no, honey.

[The Pop Chef]

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