WATCH: Eddie Huang Gives The Speech You Want To Give All High School Girls With Low Self-Esteem On Last Call

WATCH: Eddie Huang Gives A Speech Perfect For High School Girls With Low Self-Esteem

Eddie Huang was featured in a spotlight segment on last night’s TRL Last Call With Carson Daly, plugging all iterations of Fresh Off the Boat. We could listen to his childhood FOB anecdotes all day (and we do), but our favorite part of last night’s segment was a rousing speech on reaching his reader/viewership. We sort of want to stream it loudly on a sound system outside a high school. Or blast it on a boombox in the rain under some former lovers’ windows. Whatever. We’re not having a lot of feelings about this at all. Says Eddie of his memoir and web-series audience:

“Through it all, what I want them to know is that it’s alright to be weird. It’s alright if people don’t get you. Because when you come up, and you do your thing, and you accept yourself and respect yourself 100%, and you tell your story with integrity, like — people can’t help but love you.”

Check out the clip below.

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