WATCH: Eddie Huang Brings A Cosby Sweater And Diarrhea Jokes To MSNBC

Eddie Huang made an appearance on MSNBC’s NOW With Alex Wagner Friday to talk Fresh Off the Boat, food culture, and race in America with the grownups, and he showed up for it wearing looked like a hip-hop chic Cosby sweater crossed with a Mexican poncho. Luckily, they nestled him on a food panel between soft-spoken Andrew Carmellini, power-tie sporting Sam Sifton, and dapper-ass Editor-in-Chief of Bon Appetit Andrew Knowlton, so he only stuck out a little. Also, poor Ben Smith of Buzzfeed was awkwardly shoehorned into the conversation to say a sentence about race politics which no one really cared to follow up on. It’s sort of the same reaction we have when people talk to us about anything having to do with the Superbowl that isn’t gumbo. Poor Ben Smith.

Speaking of the game, Alex Wagner completely kills everyone’s Superbowl boner (Superbowlner?) by bringing up Superbowl food in the context of the American obesity epidemic, which, god, please bring back Ben Smith. Check out Eddie’s appearance in three parts below. You’ve been warned.

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