WATCH: Eddie Huang Patiently Explains Reclamation to the People at TIME

TIME has really been rocking it out in terms of modern, nuanced, thoughtful, progressive journalism. See: their all-male “Gods of Food” cover story and its editor’s dickish explanation interview, in which he implies that lady chefs can’t succeed without a man’s help; their republishing of a college newspaper op-ed entitled “Why I’ll Never Apologize for My White Male Privilege”; and a predictably TIME-splained Laverne Cox cover story entitled “The Transgender Tipping Point.”

Clearly, their next logical move is to have an Asian woman interview Eddie Huang on camera to grill him on using the word “chink” in his memoir-based sit-com pilot. All of which begs the question: might TIME benefit from having a staff of interns whose sole job it is to read Tumblr outloud to the editors making these calls?

(Also, the video interview below is worth watching for his epic fuck you to listicles and the idea of ranking restaurants alone.)


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