Eddie Huang On Cooking With Weed (And Cheetos)


Incredible revelations about the Human Panda abound in the latest edition of High Times. For instance: did you know that Eddie Huang smokes the reefer? If you didn’t, prepare to be totally astounded by the rhapsody of weed that is this interview.

But you didn’t read this article to hear about Eddie Huang’s philosophy of pot, did you? You came here for the tips on cooking with marijuana. So, uh, Eddie — what can one do with weed in food? Just for the purpose of general knowledge.

Well, one can make Cheeto fried chicken:

People just make tempura and I remember when people were using the crunch on the tempura for the [fried chicken] batter, and it’s just like bread crumbs and people like bread crumb batter. I was like “but bread is so boring, why don’t people use chips or cheetos?” Even at the crib I would just crumble up those Cape Cod salt and vinegar chips that were so good, and then I would roll the fried fish in it. So I started doing it with cheetos with the chicken and I didn’t know how crazy it would get but everyone just went nuts for that fried chicken…

Or put it in a compound butter:

I’m not the biggest edibles dude but I have. Like I make brownies, I made butter for green tea salmon. So really, you make the butter and then you cook anything with it. I’m one of those dudes whose heart goes crazy from eating edibles.

Do you have any tips of working with the flavor of cannabis?

Yeah, it goes really well with things like lamb, so if something’s musky and you wanna mask a flavor, you can use it almost like a mint jelly, right, so I think the weed butter is like a masking agent. So you wanna neutralize funky flavors or you wanna mask the funky flavor. So obviously things with chocolate do very well with it. What else? And you can try to use it as an aromatic like what I did with my green tea salmon. You wanna think of it like, how can you either accent something or overpower it so you don’t taste it. I think that’s the two approaches.

Or use it to inspire insane recipes:

I do discover a lot of flavor combinations when I’m high that I normally wouldn’t. There are things that I will come up with—especially with our desserts, like my bread pudding that I make with baos. I was high when I thought of that because I wanted bread pudding for the next day and I didn’t have bread so I used baos and I think a lot of ideas for the dishes that I come up happen when I’m high. I definitely do!

Or hell, use it as Viagra:

When I’m high I just wanna eat gummy bears and get a blow job. That’s pretty much it.

Well, we might have some gummy bears upstairs but … that’s about as far …

Just want gummy bears and my dick sucked. That’s awesome.

One can also pick up business principles while slinging hash and apply that to one’s legitimate, taxable business, or  connect with people on a fundamental, human level, or even…relax. Check out the rest of the article to see how Eddie Huang turned pot into a Swiss Army Knife of life.

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