Now That Eddie Huang Is Superfamous, His Mom Took Out A Life Insurance Policy On Him

Even before Eddie Huang’s Fresh Off the Boat dropped, we were well acquainted with his ability to channel both his and everyone else’s Asian Moms. In a wholly unsurprising move, then, as Eddie is about to get super mad famous off his groundbreaking new memoir, his mother has purchased life insurance policies in his name and is harassing him into eating healthier and working out. Wrote Eddie in his GrubStreet “New York Diet”:

I’m trying to work out. I’m trying to get healthy. But with everything going well for me, you know what my mom’s first instinct was? She bought life insurance policies and she’s like, Your premium’s going up because your cholesterol’s going up. But it’s cool because it shows that she’d rather I be alive than collect on the life insurance.

He’s actually doing a decent job of kicking his days off with green juice, per his food diary. His only slip-up was his hangover the day after his book launch party. We’re glad he opted for falafel.


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