WATCH: Savannah Guthrie Gets Pranked With Not-Edible Burger Wrapper

We’re so glad the producers at The Today Show have the same attitude we do towards Savannah Guthrie. When reporting on that Brazilian burger chain advertising its edible burger wrappers — for those of us who can’t wait to sink our teeth into some beefy goodness, or wish to cut down on fast food waste, or are just too drunk to operate wrappers — Today Show producers convinced Savannah that they had flown in one of the edible-wrapped burgers from Brazil for her to try on air.

She eagerly bit into it… only to discover the wrapper was not, in fact, edible. And Savannah doesn’t take public embarrassment well. She promptly turned her back to the camera while she spit out her bite, ran off set (where Al and cameras followed), and whined at producers, begging Al to take over with weather.

Check out the successful prank below.

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