Miss Cakehead Creates Edible Murder Scene, Forces Us To Wonder Who The Real Cake Boss Is

Sometimes, in spite of the fact that we specialize in celebrity chef coverage, we just have to throw our hands up and accept that any given day is murder-and-dismemberment day. Today is that day. Notoriously grotesque baker Emma Thomas, alias Miss Cakehead, is up to her old ways again, this time creating an anatomically correct murder scene for the DVD release of horror film The Helpers out of edible pastry goods.

Plenty of people probably think this is way more disturbing than the Fake Hand Meat guys, but we appreciate all the winking humor at play here, like the murdered and dismembered victim’s pierced nipple and bellybutton, and a half-opened (Magnum!) condom wrapper atop a Bible on the bedside table.

You can check out a full slideshow of the (obviously NSFW) edible murder scene here, but try not to look at the exposed arteries on the neck-end of the severed head for too long. We got woozy.

[Huffington Post]

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