Eff Cronuts, Give Us the Cookie Milk Shots

Having a bad case of the FOMO not being in warm and beautiful Austin for SxSW, New Yorkers? Don’t worry — Dominique Ansel is ready with the comfort food. Chocolate chip cookie milk shots for all!

The much-talked about new creation from Ansel, premiering at SxSW, will in fact be making its way back to the Spring Street bakery after SxSW wraps. Said Ansel to Fast Company, the treat will most likely be only served after 3 p.m. as an afternoon delight.

And then there’s this fun little fact about Ansel and his cookie creation — milk and cookies ain’t a thing en francais!

“In France, we don’t naturally think about drinking milk with cookies,” Ansel says. “We don’t eat very many cookies at all. So the first time someone told me milk and cookies are a ‘thing,’ I was very fascinated by it. And that’s what inspired the creation.”

More pastry obsessions for the rest of us.

[Fast Company]

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