Tonight in Food TV: Elijah Wood Guest Judges Knife Fight

THEY’RE TAKING THE HOBBITS TO ISENGARD where by “Isengard,” we mean, “The Gorbals,” and by “The Hobbits,” we mean flesh-and-bone Elijah Wood, and by “They,” we mean, “Ilan Hall,” who we’re pretty sure forced him into the situation like Saruman.

In other words, Elijah Wood is guest judging tonight’s Knife Fight, and we couldn’t be nerding out any harder over it.

He’ll officiate a showdown between James Beard Award nominee Chris Kobayashi and Top Chef: Texas alum Nyesha Arrington, who will cook with kampachi and braised lamb neck. No fish stabbings tonight. Sorry, kids.

Tune into Knife Fight at 9pm ET on Esquire Network, and catch a sneak peek, courtesy of Entertainment Tonight, below.

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