BREAKING: Elizabeth Falkner Leaves Brooklyn Pizzeria Krescendo

We finally seduced Next Iron Chef and Top Chef: Masters alum Elizabeth Falkner to the East Coast when she opened Neopolitan pizzeria Krescendo in Brooklyn last year, but it looks like her pizza stylings will be no more.

In a press release earlier today, Chef Falkner announced she’d be leaving Krescenedo to pursue a Holland-America partnership as well as some other consulting gigs (but no restos thus far). She moved here from San Francisco, where she had previously run two Michelin rated spots.

Says Elizabeth of her departure:

“My goal after moving to New York was to help open Krescendo. After only seven months, I am very proud of the restaurant we’ve created. Krescendo has grown into a fun place with positive reviews and it will continue to produce delicious pizzas.”

On the bright side, she says, “I’m staying in New York and am really interested in seeing where else I can go career-wise.”

Sorry, West Coasters. Win some, lose some.

Now where will we conduct our best celeb chef spotting?

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