WATCH: Emeril Proves Once (And Hopefully For All) There’s Nothing You Can’t Grill

We’ve been inundated with burger demos by Rachael Ray and charring/scruffing lessons from Adam Perry Lang all summer long, so we don’t know whether to be thankful to Emeril Lagasse for at least having the decency to mix it up with some pizzas, or to scream at our TVs, urging him and the rest of the culinary world to collectively hang their tongs for the summer. At least on camera. The rest of you can surely use all of the knowledge you’ve gleaned till Labor Day.

In spite of our mixed feelings, Emeril soldiered on through a grilling segment on GMA this morning, throwing some pesto, prosciutto, and taleggio pizzas atop the flames. He also found the time to present mushroom and garlic kabobs and mango pops, and the anchors found the spread so delectably distracting that they barely stumbled through the actual news things they were supposed to be reporting. Like the weather. Lara Spencer is so taken with the smells that she completely forgets what time Good Afternoon America even airs.

Basically, Emeril’s food is so tasty, the entire GMA team devolves into a tiny pack of Homer Simpsons running into walls.

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