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WATCH: Emeril Lagasse Lights Rachael Ray’s Kitchen On Fire

Emeril Lagasse surprised the studio audience of The Rachael Ray Show today, after they tasted and “voted” between two sandwiches he had prepared to “pick their favorite,” get it, because today is “election day.” Clever, that Rachael.

So, anyway, Emeril came out, revealed he was a huge wino, admitted that he loved when Rachael talked dirty (what?! Yeah, it was a revealing episode…), and then demoed a poor man’s po’ boy sandwich, which, as far as we can tell, differs from the original by the addition of french fries onto the actual sandwich.

Unfortunately, he left a plate full of napkins where he was draining off his fries too close to the deep fryer, and set Rachael’s kitchen ablaze. Although, to be fair, when Rachael was first trying out for Food Network, she was invited onto Emeril’s show and set his kitchen on fire, so really he’s just paying it forward. Check out the clip below.

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