WATCH: Emeril Lagasse Drops Multiple F-Bombs On Treme

And he’s a pretty f*cking decent actor, even if his direction was most likely “pretend to be Tom Colicchio.”

Last night’s Treme was the one fans wait for every season (and HBO sweetens by extending an extra 15 minutes): the Mardi Gras episode. This Mardi Gras (2008 in Treme-time), Chef Janette Desautel (Kim Dickens) gets flustered with her rising celebrity status. She’s booked a Today Show cooking segment on location in honor of Mardi Gras, and calls on GMA regular and NOLA native (by way of Massachusetts) Emeril Lagasse for a pep talk.

What transpires between them is what show writer Anthony Bourdain calls his proudest work. And we’ve gotta admit, it’s a pretty great speech, although we’re not entirely sure Emeril would craft so solidly clever a metaphor in real life. Check out the clip below, which is briefly interrupted by Toni Bernette (Melissa Leo) tracking the 2008 primary race.

Here’s how that Today Show segment panned out.

Wait, did that last second seem suspiciously like Davis missed Janette…?

Well that smacks of a rekindling (puns!)…check out that final, brilliant, pulsing Mardi Gras scene.

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