Employees Of Legendary Brennan’s Restaurant Worried They Won’t Get Paid

Though the closure of Brennan’s Restaurant, a French Quarter mainstay, is sad enough, the restaurant’s loyal workers are worried about a new development: they might not get their last paycheck.

The Times-Picayune interviewed many of Brennan’s former employees, who showed up to work last week only to find an indefinitely closed restaurant, and found that while they’d been paid for the first three weeks of June, no one knows for sure what happened to their last week’s pay. Employee Steven Swanson told the paper that “he is still owed his salary for the last week the restaurant was in operation. He also is owed a share of tips collected by the restaurant on credit card payments, he said.”

While the restaurant’s current management didn’t respond to the Times-Picayune’s requests for a statement, the employees revealed that Owen “Pip” Brennan, Jr., the current manager, might not get back to them at all. “They said they have no money to pay us,” added former employee Katherine Coon, “and they directed us to file for unemployment.”

Over the past year, the Brennan family has been fighting over the legendary restaurant, which claims to have invented Bananas Foster — to the point where the police were once called to settle a dispute inside the restaurant itself.

[The Times-Picayune]

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