WATCH: That’s It, Epic Chef Is The Greatest Cooking Competition Ever

Iron Chef America? Top Chef? MasterChef? Time Machine Chef? Forget about it. Epic Chef is the greatest, most obscene, most ballsy cooking competition in the world.

This first episode pits Ilan Hall against David Alvarez in a battle involving macaroni and cheese, rum, and a briefcase full of bacon. Everyone drinks. Host Harley Morenstein and celebrity judges Duff Goldman and DeStorm throw cameras and hurl food and proclaim that they want to hate themselves after eating this meal (“You wanna win this competition? Make me hate you!” Morenstein slurs). Chainsaws come out. Manhood gets insulted. Guns are shot.

Perhaps Epic Chef can be viewed as a satirical commentary on the current overblown state of American masculinity and the overly competitive nature of culinary media. Perhaps people who think that should shut up and watch the show.

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