WATCH: Eric Ripert & Anthony Bourdain Warn That Their Chocolate Bar Will Ruin Relationships

In the most recent video endorsement (?) for Eric Ripert and Anthony Bourdain’s Good and Evil Chocolate Bar, Eric takes us through the “secret canyon” in Peru from which he harvested the cacao nibs for the bar himself. Well, one or two of them, anyway.

Bourdain reveals how he’s finally living his “Tony Montana dream” of “being involved with the export of some agricultural product from South America to America that may be habit forming.” He muses:

“In a lot of ways, we’re really not doing you a favor by selling you this product. This will ruin chocolate as you know it. Your beloved chocolate bars past will no longer be enough. You will become an insufferable chocolate snob, because people who love you and like you will give you lesser chocolate, and you’ll be like, ‘Eh, it’s okay, but it’s nowhere near as good as this Good and Evil Bar I had once’…[gets dreamy look on his face]…And then you’ll get a dreamy look on your face…We’re ruining relationships! Causing dependency among the populous, raising expectations, destroying the chocolate experience for multitudes…”

Cue Eric’s Buddhist meltdown about the karmic dangers of ruining all other chocolate for everyone, everywhere, forever. Get your hands on a bar before Ripert pulls them off the market. And check out the vid below.

Anthony Bourdain & Eric Ripert discuss Good & Evil Chocolate Bar from Eclat Chocolate on Vimeo.

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