Eric Ripert Fires Back At Jen Carroll, Denies That Cooks At Le Bernardin Had To Duct Tape Their Sleeves

You may have caught this Zagat interview with Jen Carroll that we included in our link round-up last night, in which she underscored the importance of keeping clean in the kitchen with an anecdote from her days at Le Bernardin. Said the former sous chef:

“When I was at Le Bernardin, if a cook burned their arms, they had to duct tape their coat sleeves to their wrists for the entire evening. Which is horribly uncomfortable — it gets really sweaty in there with no air circulation. Everyone in that kitchen learned to take better care of themselves pretty quick.”

Of course, this quote circulated quickly, especially considering Le Bernardin’s famously Zen, kindly chef-owner Eric Ripert. No surprise here: he promptly fired off a comment on the quote, calling it bogus and seeking to set the record straight.

Eric tells us, via his PR squad:

“The reason why we ask our cooks to cover their arms is to protect themselves from further hurting themselves. When someone is burned badly, we remove them from the line and treat the burns accordingly and seek medical attention if needed. No one at Le Bernardin has ever asked anyone in the kitchen to duct tape their sleeves — this is highly inaccurate and offensive.”

Sigh. Just as we thought Jen Carroll was finally digging herself out of her industry shamehole

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