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WATCH: Eric Ripert Gets Bourdain Buzzed On Bourbon In First Ep Of YouTube Show

The first episode of Eric Ripert’s new cooking talk show, On The Table, brings something new to the format of the cooking talk show. No, it’s not just the celebrity guests, like his best friend for life Anthony Bourdain (and, just like the tin says, he does talk about sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll!). It’s the fact that Ripert will bust out a bottle of fine, unknown bourbon mid-segment and get wasted with Bourdain as they cook Portuguese fisherman’s stew and enter into a truly deep conversation, before later telling Bourdain that he bought the bottle to give to Bourdain.

And while they’re both buzzed, Ripert gets Bourdain to open up about his new primetime cooking competition on ABC, which he’s co-hosting with the “strange but brilliant” Nigella Lawson, as well as his burning desire to eat in the Gaza Strip via his new CNN show.

Check out the bromance in action (complete with Real Genuine Bro Hugs), and wonder what’s going to happen when Stanley Tucci comes on the show next.

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