Eric Ripert Discovers Rare White Cocoa Nibs, Is Now Willy Wonka

Somewhere in the mountains of Peru, as he was personally harvesting each and every cacao pod for the Good and Evil bar (the chocolate bar he makes with his best friend Anthony Bourdain), Eric Ripert discovered an extremely rare, wondrous plant:

In case you think that your eyes/Photoshop is deceiving you, this is a real phenomenon: according to the New York Times, white cacao beans “are mutations that happen when trees are left undisturbed for hundreds of years,” resulting in a “more mellow-tasting, less acidic chocolate” that happens to be “extremely expensive.” (Their words, not ours.)

So now that Eric Ripert is basically the Chris Columbus of cocoa, what’s next? Our money would be on a Jacques Torres knife fight over the secret tree location, but let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Here’s what Ripert actually has planned:


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