WATCH: Eric Ripert Coolly Snips Off The Little Faces Of Soft-Shell Crabs

A Zen koan for the Buddhist chef Eric Ripert: What is the sound of one hand cutting the face off a soft-shell crab? His answer may be found tucked away in this metaphor, masquerading as an instructional video for New York Magazine on how to pan-fry soft shell crabs.

And while it may seem totally freaky and inhumane (and did we mention freaky) to chop the face off a soft-shell crab, it apparently prevents the molten crabs from suffering, says Ripert. Oh, really? Cutting off faces prevents sufferingEven if you snipped off their tiny little eyes and scooped their brains out, is it really worth that kind of mutilation just so you can dredge the soft-shell crabs in Wondra flour and some Old Bay, pan-fry them until golden and crisp, then serve over a mustard and herb vinaigrette?

Actually, that looks really tasty. Screw our initial squeamishness, we’re gonna do this. (Crabs can’t feel pain, anyways!)

[NY Mag]

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