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WATCH: Eric Ripert Cooks With A Toaster Oven On Today

Imagine our general glee and amusement when Savannah Guthrie introduced Chef Eric Ripert for a cooking segment on The Today Show. Then we remembered that Eric isn’t one to shame fellow chefs, let alone morning show hosts who don’t know how to cut an onion in half. He brought along three Savannah-proof toaster oven recipes to demonstrate on Today.

Yes. The chef/owner of Le Bernardin cooked with a toaster oven. Watch your back, Sonja Morgan. He gently corrected Savannah’s mischaracterization of crab gratin as a common crab cake, and, with that adorable French confusion, confirmed to Al Roker that yes, his “chicken fingers with no bones” is a good dish for kids. (But again, Al, we should be promoting a table where kids eat what adults eat, right?)

Now teach us how to make your super silky salmon in the toaster oven, Eric! (Actually, we’re pretty sure Sonja already has one of those in her cookbook…)

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