Eva Longoria Opens Lady-Geared Steakhouse

Curses! Just a hair too late to be included in our 9 Womanliest Restaurants Slideshow, Eva Longoria has announced plans to open a new steakhouse in Las Vegas called She to replace her shuttered resto and nightclub Beso and Eve.

She, as part of its mission to draw the ladies, will focus on small plates cuisine and feature a catwalk, 3D projection mapping, cryogenic fog, and rain curtains. What more could a woman ask for, ARE WE RIGHT, LADIES?

While Eva gets points for opening a lady-geared steakhouse, instead of the typical cupcake palace, she blows it by pushing small plates. Eva! If you’re going to embrace and advertise that women love MEAT, then serve them a giant steak and own it.

Also, what says “Man, I feel like a woman” like a catwalk, where you can stare at models while you eat, cryogenic fog, to obscure the faces of the more attractive women in the resto than you, and soothing, peaceful rain curtains?

…Honestly, we don’t know why they didn’t just call it Boobs By Eva and be done with it.


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