Everything Love Taza’s Naomi Davis Ate in This Week’s Grub Street Diet


9ee5c6a58418d725af24ad84f5eb7c52Want to know what this week’s Grub Street diarist ate, but don’t want to read about the book/movie/album they’re subliminally promoting? We filter out everything but the food words, giving you a mouthful without an earful of everything Love Taza blogger Naomi Davis ate this past week.

Acai bowls
A Margarita pie with pepperoni and sausage
The best Butter Pecan ice cream in the city
A double chocolate chip cookie
Green smoothies
Some bagels
Some juice
Leftovers from Juliana’s Pizza
Poland Spring flavored sparkling water
A bunch of sliced cucumbers, peppers, apples, and sugar snap peas
Bucatini alla marinara with sauteed kale
Two year aged Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
Chocolate chip cookies
Apple slices
Orange juice
A Snickers bar
A pastry
Apple juice
A goat cheese and crab omelette
Half of a fried chicken
Macaroni and cheese
More green smoothies
Some homemade Stove-Top popcorn
A half grapefruit
A hard boiled egg
Toast with jam
Fresh-squeezed orange juice
A bag of popcorn
Some yellow peppers
Sliced apples
Prosciutto and melon
Pea ravioli with butter
Pan-fried steak
Roasted butternut squash
Sauteed asparagus
Flavored sparkling water
Homemade popcorn
Another hard-boiled egg
Toast with raspberry jam
Fresh orange juice
Chicken parm sandwiches
Mozzarella sticks
Zucchini string fries
A watermelon smoothie
Chicken lettuce wraps
Massaman chicken curry with sticky rice
Mango sticky rice
Acai bowls
Some yellow peppers and almonds
A couple of doughnut holes from Dunkin Donuts
A slice of pizza
A coconut bar dipped in chocolate with almonds
Some gummies and candies
Leftover pasta
Almost a half-pint of Haagen-Dazs mint chocolate chip

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