Everything Willie Geist Ate in This Week’s Grub Street Diet

Credit: NBC

Credit: NBC

Want to know what this week’s Grub Street diarist ate, but don’t want to read about the book/movie/album they’re subliminally promoting? We filter out all the nauseating name-dropping, giving you a mouthful without an earful of everything NBC NewsWillie Geist ate this week.

Bedside water
A bowl of oatmeal
A Starbucks venti skim chai
Some kind of a fruit smoothie
Another fruit smoothie
More yogurt
Even more yogurt
A bag of baby carrots
Some grilled chicken
Some Skittles
Airport newsstand cashews
Chicken quesadillas
A pulled pork sandwich
Some kind of a fruit smoothie
Another fruit smoothie
Baked beans
Potato salad
Sweet tea
Cold Concord grapes
Waffle fries
More oatmeal
More chai
Dry, stale, grilled chicken
More baby carrots
Leftover airport newsstand cashews
RedFarm’s spring rolls, filet mignon tarts, and three chile chicken smothered in bourbon
What he’s embarrassed to describe as “Breakfast”
What he’s embarrassed to describe as “Lunch”
A Big Mac and fries from McDonald’s he’s for some reason not embarrassed about
A ruined, abstract, homemade pancetta and mushroom pizza
Two rib eyes
Honey Nut Cheerios
A vanilla latte
Eggy mash
Yet more carrots
Takeout chicken parm
A big fruit salad
Jam on bread
Boozy Connecticut lemonade

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