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WATCH: Fabio Viviani Attempts to Sneak Calories Past Bethenny Frankel

We love Bethenny Frankel as much as the next low-cal-cocktail-on-a-weeknight-swilling broad out there, but standing over Fabio Viviani berating him for using “full fat” ricotta instead of part-skim in a ravioli that’s already being made WITHOUT THE PASTA seems extreme to us. Maybe we’re crazy.

We appreciate Fabio’s low-carb pass at ravioli on the former Real Hosuewife of New York’s new talk show. “Naked ravioli” is basically a spinach and ricotta fritter, or, ravioli without the pasta, sauteed in brown butter. Light, tasty, delicious — we’re on board! But then Bethenny harshes our vibe by giving Fabs her best judgey-face for not using low-fat cheese. B! We’re already giving up the dough, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM US?

Then, for dessert, the Top Chef All-Star churns out some tiny, tasty ricotta, chocolate chip, and flour fritters made the same way as the raviolis. Bethenny’s sizable jaw drops over the fact that he’s cooking them in oil. Oil? Bethenny most certainly does not allow her legions of SkinnyGirl fans to consume oil. Fabio does his best to comfort her by insisting that ricotta doesn’t really absorb much oil to begin with, but the damage has been done. For shame, Fabio. For shame.

Watch the clip below, unless you want to, like, continue enjoying food. Or your life.

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