WATCH: Fabio Refused Top Chef Twice Before Accepting A Spot On Season 5

It’s true what they say about third times being charmed. At least, it is if you’re Fabio Viviani. In a recent, lengthy video interview with Media Mayhem touching on the themes of “Success Beyond Reality TV,” Fabio admitted that his crack at Season 5 of Top Chef was actually the third time he’d been approached by producers for the gig. We guess this was before there was a nutty audition process to even lay your hands upon a Top Chef jacket.

Fabio recounts how he was approached to do Season 3 and turned it down because he could barely speak English at the time. Producers came back next season, and Fabio turned them down again, as a busy newlywed who didn’t want to leave his wife or his successful restaurants behind. Finally, Fabio bit and accepted a spot on Season 5, never to be released from Bravo’s clutches again.

If you’d really love to listen to Fabio’s charming, broken English for the better part of an hour, check out the whole interview below. They talk about tons of other stuff, too, like how the economy isn’t really all that bad, you guys!

(Oh to have a poor Italian immigrant’s mindset… said nobody, ever.)

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