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WATCH: Fabio Viviani Wraps His Warm, Italian Arms Around America’s Harvest Season

So, you may have noticed that it’s fall. It’s getting nippy out. You overspend on seasonal items at Trader Joe’s. You’re really sick of all your friends who keep posting Facebook status updates about pumpkin spice lattes. Et cetera.

For coming from a country which celebrates neither Halloween nor Thanksgiving, Fabio Viviani has certainly done a masterful job of wrapping his heart around America’s harvest season. He stopped by Good Morning America today while to demo a carrot ginger soup (and brought along the clip of him behind the scenes at ABC from this week’s Life After Top Chef to suck up to Lara Spencer and Josh Elliott).

“We need to be warm and orange,” he said of celebrating autumn. Yeah, that’s pretty much America’s attitude about the whole thing. Good job, Fabio!

It’s not your run-of-the-mill pumpkin bisque (you’ll have to settle for pumpkin in your breads, waffles, scones, coffee, pies, tea, tacos, et al for today), but, as Fabs astutely points out, it’s orange, so your guests won’t know they’re missing pumpkinpalooza. Or they’ll be so freakin’ pumpkinned out two months into the official start of pumpkin season that they’re carrying an irrational vendetta against gourds altogether and will totally appreciate a squash-free meal! Whatever!

He also brings pork roast, baked apples, and grilled fig, candied walnut, and arugula salad. Be still our heartstomachs.

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