WATCH: Fabio Viviani Makes Pasta Dough With Pizza-Flavored Doritos And Pringles

But why? Because Zagat made him. You would think that after being voted Top Chef’s fan favorite and returning to compete as an All-Star, Fabio Viviani would be off the hook for life from having to complete any more insane cooking challenges. But no. Zagat caught up with the Italian chef and somehow coerced him into taking part in their “pizza challenge,” which required Fabio to make a dish using a handful of disgusting processed pizza-related ingredients, including: pizza-flavored Doritos, pizza-flavored Pringles, pizza-flavored Combos, pizza Bagel Bites, and, that childhood sleepover classic: Totino’s pizza rolls.

After recovering from the instant sodium shock caused by looking at all of those items in one place, Fabio chose the Doritos to incorporate into his pasta dough, and the Pringles to use a bread-crumb topping.

He proceeds to make a horrifically revolting-sounding Doritos-and-Pringle pasta carbonara, which somehow manages to look and taste fine. The poor Zagat girl cheerfully suggests that maybe Doritos pasta dough will be the next big thing! (Please stop trying to make Doritos things happen, everybody. Please?)

Check out the video below!

[Zagat via Huffington Post]

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