WATCH: Fabio Viviani Has Uncharacteristic Meltdown On Life After Top Chef

Fabio Vivini is not an angry chef; he’s a charming and shmoozy one, whose hair we’d love to quietly stroke. But last night Mt. Viviani erupted, as Life After Top Chef’s episode title put it. When his sous chef showed up to prep for a Beverly Hills charity dinner two hours late, Fabio lost his cool. “What’s the big deal?” you may be asking yourself. Didn’t Spike show up to the Aspen Food and Wine Classic, like, five minutes before he was supposed to serve? Here’s part one of Fabio’s freak out:

Once he showed up, the party planning finally got underway. Oh, and did we mention Jen Carroll was on hand helping out with the event, too? So many layers of embarrassment. Check out the party below.

And, of course, the final, painful, no-clients-present scolding:

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