WATCH: Fabio Viviani And Stefan Richter Reignite Their Passionate Bromance

Remember Top Chef Season 5 runner up Stefan Richter? Before Fabio Viviani and Richard Blais became the Top Chef power couple everyone wanted to be, Stefan and Fabio had the original Top Chef bromance. They were best friends in the house their season, but Fabio hadn’t seen him in a year and a half when Life After Top Chef gave him a lovely excuse to meet up with an old friend (on camera, thus reminding us of his existence, and perhaps encouraging residents of LA to go check out his restaurant).

Fabio and Stefan commiserated over the hardships of breaking even in the restaurant industry, although, we sensed a girly European undercurrent of “my life is more miserable than yours” one-ups-manship (one-downs-manship?).

Check out the clip below. There’s a bald head kiss.

Oh, and then there was also this totally gratuitous European sexualization of consuming red-wine-and-vanilla ice cream cake pops. Just for funsies.

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