Inspirational Food Porn Of The Day: A Captivating Farm-To-Table Journey

If you found yourself horrified by that Domino’s supply chain map we discovered a couple of weeks ago, fear not. We have finally found an adequate palate cleanser. To combat the enormous carbon footprint left behind by restaurant chains and their vast network of cross-country supply deliveries, all the granola-breathed hippies of the world are embracing the locavore movement.

However, according to one San Francisco restaurateur, “The words ‘farm to table’ started appearing everywhere, and the phrase was losing its meaning.” So, Jil Hales, owner of Barndiva made this captivating video showing what farm-to-table means in her restaurant. She tracked her ingredients’ journey all the way from the farm to the plate, shot it nicely, scored it with some strings, and voila! Movie magic, people! Check out the vid below. (Bonus: there are very cute lambs, and, no, there is not any graphic footage of their demise. We respect and appreciate you, lambs! Thank you for your delicious, nutritious, life-sustaining chops!)

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