WATCH: Fabio Viviani Likes To Call Sausage ‘Lezzie Meatballs’

Fabio Viviani co-hosted The Chew today to stand in for vacationing hosts Mario Batali and Clinton Kelly, who were represented in spirit by cardboard cutouts. The theme of today’s episode was “Last Minute Meals” but Fabio’s Italian wisdom left us slightly confused.

While making a grilled sausage, vegetable, and toasted baguette salad, Fabio jovially quipped, “I just call sausage lezzie meatballs.” Of course, we soon realized he meant lazy meatballs, because you can split a sausage casing, pick out the ground meat, and roll it into balls for a quick and easy, relatively mess-free meatball. Sort of like buying pre-portioned out cookie dough. (Except we kind of just use that as an excuse to have raw cookie dough snacks.)

Those adorable Italians make everything sound charming! And charmed host Daphne Oz was, especially when she realized Fabio shared her distaste for cilantro. To quote Fabio’s Twitter bio: “Cilantro freak me out.”

Check out the clip below and tell us if you believe him when he says, “Everything tastes better with an accent.”

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