Feeding Your Nightmares: 6 Of The Grisliest Chef Murders Of All Time

In a few days, a California jury will reach a verdict in the murder trial of David Viens, the chef who killed his wife and boiled her body. But as we watched this gruesome tale (as well as temporarily adopted vegan diets), we realized a startling trend: chefs who kill, tend to kill like chefs. Seriously. We’ve witnessed this.

We’re not sure if it’s because of the strange mix of latent rage issues and the artistic spirit required to be a chef (as well as the proximity to dangerous, sharp objects), or whether it’s because the following chefs are impractically dumb. (How hard is it to shoot someone? Why do you have to grind them into pies like you’re some Sondheim character?) But the following five chefs that we’ve discovered (in addition to those we’ve already covered) will probably prove a psychological trend, and we would like to be credited in any academic publications that results from this slideshow expose.

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