Ferran Adria Is Re-Opening el Bulli!

Good news, everyone: Ferran Adria is re-opening el Bulli! Stop mourning! Take off that black toque! Let’s all rejoice in the return of fish cotton candy!

Bad news, everyone: Adria is only reopening the restaurant in order to train the actors portraying his staff in his upcoming biopic. (Get your mourning toques back out again.)

The AP reports that Adria, notorious for his zealous commitment to accuracy, will reopen the restaurant for full service to the general, so that the actors will fully understand the intensity of a full night of service. Sadly, the reopening may not actually be at the restaurant’s former seaside location in Roses, Spain — it could even be at a recreation of the restaurant on a Hollywood soundstage — but one thing’s for sure: there will be no reservations system. The chef confirmed to the AP that ” those customers might be selected by lottery, or by Adria and movie executives.”

Not a problem, we’re just going to call up our movie executive friends and oh wait we can’t, we don’t have any movie executive friends. Even beyond the grave, el Bulli is still denying us, that tricksy restaurant ghost.

[AP via Eater]

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