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Ferran Adria: ‘I Have a Lot of Orgasms’

Grub Street took Ferran Adria to the Museum of Sex for an interview, and while he had a questionably impolite response to the chef of the museum’s new cafe/bar presenting him a custom cocktail, he did share frank experiences about his foodgasms and adventures in tease-denial:

“For example,” he continues in Spanish, “the white truffles. That’s a food orgasm. You have the truffles once, twice, three times … it’s just not the same after that, you know what I mean?” For Adrià, once you have easy access to something, you no longer want it. (For a man considered one of the most pioneering chefs of all time, it’s not that tough to track down truffles.) It comes down to a fundamental rule of attraction: People want what they can’t have. “Like the jamón,” he says. “I haven’t been home in Barcelona for fourteen days, so when I get back, the jamón will be like an orgasm for me.”

You can read about the rest of his trip to the Museum of Sex here and skip to the end for his semi-obnoxious snub.

[Grub Street]

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