Ferran Adria Might Not Re-Open el Bulli, After All

Last week, news broke that el Bulli, long regarded as the best restaurant in the world before it closed permanently, might “reopen” — or at least, be recreated — in order to train the actors in an upcoming film based on the young chefs who would flock to the restaurant to stage under  Ferran Adria. This was a Very Big Deal to many people, who immediately began plotting ways to somehow bribe/pimp themselves out to movie executives in order to get a reservation at the movie set restaurant. However, Adria emailed a reporter at The Daily Meal to burst all of our gorgonzola balloons.

The short answer: an el Bulli reopening — either in Hollywood or in Spain — isn’t currently in the works, but it’s not ruled out completely. “We are waiting for a director to be hired, and he will decide where he wants to shoot the film,” he told them. “All that is definite is that we will help in any way that is necessary for the film to be the best.”

The former location of el Bulli is currently being transformed into the campus of the el Bulli Foundation, involving quite a few more buildings than existed back in the restaurant’s heyday. Consequently, the restaurant might be recreated as a soundstage. The bottom line is, though: we still want Guillermo del Toro to direct. No substitutes.

[The Daily Meal]

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