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Ferran Adria Reveals The Future Of The elBulli Foundation, Set To Open In 2014

Here’s some weekend fodder for all you science nerd types. A lengthy profile of Ferran Adria by Wired UK (he graced the cover for the October 2012 issue) has been posted online, where you can read all about his plans for the elBulli Foundation and his new website La Bullipedia, set to launch next year.

The Foundation is designed to be a new space for culinary innovation, one that picks up where elBulli left off when it shuttered in 2011, to the shock of the culinary industry (2 million people would request a table that year). Said Adria to the magazine:

“We had reached a limit,” he says with a shrug. Notably, he had realised that the work being done in the taller — where his team had created 1,846 dishes over 24 years — was more important than what was happening at elBulli. “Throughout the history of elBulli many of the drastic decisions were taken to be able to continue creating, to be able to continue with the creative process.”

The elBulli Foundation is slated to open in 2014, and La Bullipedia, which will contain 15,000 pages on the history of molecular gastronomy, is scheduled to go live early next year.

You can pore over the deets here.

[Wired UK h/t Eater]

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