Does Your French Bulldog Have What It Takes To Be Ferran Adrià’s Next el Bulli Mascot?

In order to make the el Bulli Foundation completely and utterly perfect, Ferran Adrià is looking for a French bulldog to model as its mascot. (El Bulli = Spanish for “little bulldog,” a.k.a. cute baby smooshface puppies. The more you know!)

“I will hold casting sessions in New York, London, Madrid and Barcelona if necessary,” Adrià told The Guardian, reminding readers that Marketa and Hans Schilling, the original owners of the resort formerly housing el Bulli, named their restaurant after their own French bulldogs in 1964.

This is currently what the el Bulli mascot looks like (photo courtesy of Hannah Grant):

The el bulli of El bulli, Ferran Adria's old dog

Wookit his droopy widdle face and his teeny stubby widdle legs. But we bet that there are French bulldogs out there who look cuter, nobler, handsomer, cuter, perkier, cuter, and more aesthetically pleasing than the original el bulli of the 1960’s.

If you have a French bulldog whose face deserves to be the face of el Bulli and become a supah-staaaaah, we want to help! Send us pictures of your bulldogs and we’ll use our soapbox to advertise his/her face to the world. NOTE: We can’t actually influence the el Bulli Foundation’s decision. We just want pictures of your dawgs.

[The Guardian via Eater]

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