Ferran Adria Wanted to be a Footballer, Doesn’t Dream at Night

Inside the beautiful mind of Ferran Adria.

We always like seeing little glimpses of Adria’s baller life, and a new Telegraph article does just that. (After all, it’s in the Luxury section — what else can we expect from the elBulli chef?) What we’ve learned: he just wants to party, he really likes bracelets, and he doesn’t dream at night.

My life has been strange – very, very strange. I never imagined doing this. I wanted to be a footballer, then started washing dishes in elBulli 22 years ago to make some money to go to Ibiza and party. Instead I became a chef, and spent six months of the year at elBulli and six months here in Barcelona.

Although I don’t intentionally collect anything from my travels, I’ve accumulated these bracelets [pictured]. I think they’re from Peru and Colombia. If I travel somewhere looking for inspiration, I am very demanding.

When I close my eyes at night, I go straight to sleep. I don’t dream. Which is just as well, because with everything going on in my head during the day, my brain needs to rest at night or I’d go crazy.

Read more of Adria’s interview here.


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