Flavor Flav Hijacks Airplane Intercom To Plug His Restaurant

When most people want to advertise their restaurant, they usually buy some ad space in a paper. When Flavor Flav wants to advertise his restaurant, he takes over an airplane’s intercom.

Flav was flying from Burbank, CA to Las Vegas when he realized that he had a captive audience and decided to make it work for his business. So, he jumped up, grabbed the intercom, and talked up his fried chicken restaurant, called (what else?) Flavor Flav’s House of Flavor. After politely thanking the pilot and crew, he began listing everything the restaurant sells, from fried chicken to red velvet waffles and every other side on the menu. Flav then ended his impromptu advertisement by doing what he does best: leading the entire plane in a chant of his name.

You’ve got to admire Flav’s entrepreneurial spirit. After all, Flavor of Love ended a few years ago, and it takes more than just royalties to keep him in giant gold clock necklaces. Plus, compared to the show, the food business is definitely more hygienic.


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