Florida Elementary School Stops Giving Kids Mountain Dew Before StandardizedTesting

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We wish this was a case of a school actively raising a collective middle finger to the archaic practice of statewide standardized testing by letting its children run wild, but unfortunately, this seems to be a legitimate practice, based on someone’s reading of an “education journal.”

Creel Elementary School in Melbourne, FL evidently provided students with regular infusions of Mountain Dew and trail mix before having them sit the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT). The Mountain Dew was served in a small dixie cup and amounted to around 3 tablespoons, but keep in mind, it isn’t even legal to sell soda at schools in the state.

According to Florida Today:

“Once that was brought to our attention, we eliminated that practice,” Brevard Public Schools Spokeswoman Michelle Irwin said. “We’ve advised Creel Elementary to only provide water as a beverage.”

Creel Elementary School Principal Kathryn Eward started serving students Mountain Dew and trail mix about 10 years ago, after reading about its positive impacts in an education journal, Irwin said.

“She felt that it was a professional practice and implemented it,” Irwin said. “Since then, there’s been new information (about what’s best for students).”

“We don’t think we were giving them enough to really get into” negative impacts of sugar highs and lows, Eward said. “We’ve done it for years. The kids look forward to the treats.”

The kids really look forward to their bone-dissolving rocket fuel!

[Florida Today h/t Jezebel]

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